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A physically-charged drama about trying and failing at love.



A broken couple replay broken memories to try to make sense of what went wrong, grappling with the conflicted narratives, distorted expectations, and enduring desire for connection of the millennial generation. Through a fluid, physical journey, we follow this couple’s collapse through voyeuristic snapshots of its breaking points.


Nicola and Fionn are facing their quarter-life crisis. They’ve arrived in their 30s, cheated by time, their bodies, and zero-hour contracts, and are trying to carry each other through; to shake off the burden of inherited gender roles and ingrained expectations to work out what they really want. But these days, most of their emotional support involves making blood pacts to haul each other through yet another friend’s wedding. Their rent is rising, their parents are divorcing, and there’s a hell of a lot of peer pressure to have unprotected sex – or start freezing eggs before it’s too late. Torn between the desire for personal freedom and a creeping disillusionment with an increasingly insecure way of life, something has to give.


They’re trying to pass themselves off as adults, trying really hard to hold it together and give each other what they need. And all you need is love.


All you need is love.


Love is all you need.


Isn’t it?


Disintegration combines intimate personal drama with an expressionistic physical style, tangling the lines between memory, fantasy and parallel realities to delve into the heart of heartbreak.


Supported by artsACT and Canberra Theatre Centre.

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