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We make theatre that matters. If you do too, let's talk.



We're always brewing new projects and every one of them will be a collective effort of passionate people with a diverse range of skills. We make professional theatre: the budget for each project varies, depending on support from venues, the success of funding applications, and how many tickets we sell at the box office, but no matter what, we prioritise payment of artists and we're committed to sustainable models for making theatre. We've worked with actors, directors, producers, musicians, sound designers, lighting designers, costume designers, visual artists, videographers, and a host of others in order to do what we do: making something out of nothing. You might be just what we need for the next show - you might even offer something we hadn't imagined. Get in touch to find out more; better still, come along to a show and see for yourself.



Bare Witness makes work to tour. If you're a venue, festival director, or producer, we've got the show for you. We make lo-fi, high-quality theatre that is mobile, flexible, and ready to roll. We know our work, what each of our shows does and who it appeals to - we can tell you if a show is a good fit for what you need, and we'll be honest with you if it's not. Every show we make is different, so if the one that caught your eye doesn't suit, it may well be that another from our repertoire, or the next project in development, will. We're busy bees, so it's always worth a conversation. We want to build relationships and develop our networks, and we'd much rather have a chat than put our artistic souls through the meat-grinder of another EOI application, so don't be shy about shooting us an email.

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