Bare Witness Theatre Company is an artistic vehicle led by Christopher Samuel Carroll. We produce work in Canberra and beyond, with a commitment to theatre that is physically rigorous and bristles with life. We're interested in work which exploits the immediacy of the live experience, and in particular, the performer at the threshold of their limits - in other words, 'in the mouth of the wolf'.

We've put on plays in Ireland, the U.K., Australia, and on occasion, someone's living-room. We draw from a wide tradition of theatrical styles, from cabaret to mime, from comedy to Butoh, to serve each story we tell.

More so than ever, we're preoccupied with personal stories which, because they are marginal, or unexpected, or inconvenient, face a battle for recognition against the generalised narratives that prevail in the public (and political) discourse.

Curious? So are we. Get in touch at: info@barewitnesstheatre.com

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