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Do you know who’s watching you? What if it’s a group of unhinged sociopaths like US?

After stumbling upon a voicemail full of sensitive information, four actors embark on a morally bankrupt man-hunt to untangle the reality of life online. Who is Phil? What happened to his dogs? And how’s he going to react when we steal his Uber Eats? Again.

It’s a cyberpunk detective story. It’s a maniacal Ted talk. It’s a live-action 90s hacker movie. And it’s all true. We think. We’re getting confused. And paranoid. We’re probably on a watchlist. Not that we’ve done anything wrong. We’ve nothing to hide. We have no enemies. Has anyone actually read the terms & conditions?

This is a show for anyone who engages, reluctantly or otherwise, with the Internet. Anyone who can relate to the weird split-existence between the digital and the real world; the niggling sense of doubt that your Alexa is listening in on you; the guilty fascination of watching people overshare on Facebook; the psychological toll of doomscrolling horrific global events followed by cute cat videos; the impulse to disconnect, delete everything, and go off the grid - and knowing that that isn't an option in an increasingly digital world.

Confronting, enlightening and absurdly entertaining, I Have No Enemies is radical contemporary work by Canberra’s leading theatre company that decodes the truth of life through a lens. It’s more fun than you ever thought a show about the terrifying, unblinking eye of surveillance could be.


10–20 April 2024
Explosives Factory,
St Kilda, Melbourne


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The original production of I Have No Enemies was presented in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, and supported by the ACT Government through artsACT, in March 2023.


Initial development for the project was supported through a 2-week creative development at Belco Arts in March 2021.



Christopher Samuel Carroll

Ash Hamilton-Smith

Brendan Kelly

Rachel Pengilly

Lighting Designer

Antony Hateley

Digital Production

SilverSun Pictures


Patrick Uren

Promotional Photographs

Novel Photographic

Promotional Videography
Toro Films and Media

Supported by artsACT, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres and Belconnen Arts Centre.

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