In the spotlight of Dublin’s busiest street, a mesmerising stillness was created...


For twenty years, Thom McGinty, aka The Diceman, entertained audiences on Grafton Street, becoming a living landmark and an icon of Dublin life. A rebel against distraction, his outrageous costumes and mischievous winks succeeded in shocking, surprising and delighting passers-by.


At Bewley’s Café Theatre, on the same street that The Diceman made his name, Christopher Samuel Carroll explores the extraordinary life of a busker, performer, protester and pioneer. Set to an original soundscape interpretation of Grafton Street by award-winning sound artist La Cosa Preziosa, this intimate portrait reveals the man behind the many masks of a true Dublin character.

“A captivating piece of theatre that combines speech, mime, humour and almost balletic movement in bringing the character alive... It’s all done with the lightest of touches.” ★★★★ 

Metro Herald  


Christopher Samuel Carroll


Bridget Hanley

Sound Art

La Cosa Preziosa


Maria Tapper


Colm Maher


Colm McDermott

Bewley's Café Theatre

26 September - 13 October 2012

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