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In the spotlight of Dublin’s busiest street, a mesmerising stillness was created...


For twenty years, Thom McGinty, aka The Diceman, entertained audiences on Grafton Street, becoming a living landmark and an icon of Dublin life. A rebel against distraction, his outrageous costumes and mischievous winks succeeded in shocking, surprising and delighting passers-by.


At Bewley’s Café Theatre, on the same street that The Diceman made his name, Christopher Samuel Carroll explores the extraordinary life of a busker, performer, protester and pioneer. Set to an original soundscape interpretation of Grafton Street by award-winning sound artist La Cosa Preziosa, this intimate portrait reveals the man behind the many masks of a true Dublin character.


Metro Herald

"A captivating piece of theatre that combines speech, mime, humour and almost balletic movement in bringing the character alive... It’s all done with the lightest of touches.”


Irish Independent

"Carroll creates an at-times uncanny likeness... When we applaud at the end it is as much for the Diceman himself as the good work of this young rights it should be revived."

Irish Theatre Magazine

"This is a fine tribute piece to a unique artist. If you knew The Diceman you will love it; if you didn't you couldn't get a better introduction."



Christopher Samuel Carroll


Bridget Hanley

Sound Design

La Cosa Preziosa


Maria Tapper

Lighting Design

Colm Maher


Colm McDermott


Bewley's Café Theatre,

26 September - 13 October 2012

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