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A social-realist drama based on true events about the fight against the climate crisis and the enemy within.


"the power of small groups comes not from their authority or wealth, but from their commitment to the cause."

Commitment to the Cause follows the fraying relationships of a group of five hardline climate activists, growing ever more weary, desperate and disillusioned as their years of sacrifice amount to too little, too late. Commitment to the Cause explores the nature of activism on the frontline of the climate crisis, assessing the odds for the future of the planet when the environment itself has become the enemy of the state.

The play invites audiences to grapple with the existential threat of climate change through the all-too-human experience of trying and failing to make a difference. The climate crisis is the dramatic conflict of our age. We need relatable, human stories of how we respond to that threat, to remind us that we are not powerless and not alone.


The creative development of this project was supported by New Works, Canberra Theatre Centre’s program for the development and support of ACT-made professional performance.

Supported by Canberra Theatre Centre.

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